About Us

Lowick in Summer
Photograph courtesy of David Robinson

The village of Lowick in North Northumberland has a long history. The name first appeared in documented records in 1181 though people have lived around here for much longer. The name itself is of Anglo Saxon origin and there’s physical evidence of Iron Age settlements around the outer edges of the village. Add to that the finding of Bronze Age artefacts suggest that people have lived and farmed here for over 4000 years.

The Lowick Heritage Group was established to maintain an appreciation of this long history and to promote life long learning among local people and the many visitors to the village. We do so by means of a series of evening presentations (held in the Village Hall on the second Monday of each month between September and April), coffee mornings, other events, publications and web pages. In addition there’s an amateur archaeology group that takes advantage of the many local opportunities available to them.

Email:    lowickheritagegroup@gmail.com

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