About Local Archaeology

The Lowick Heritage Group established an archaeology sub group in 2015. We have set ourselves an objective to determine the possible original site of the village, if such exists, using the extensive archaeological evidence available to us. We’ve called the project ‘Where Was Lowick?’. Three factors are in our favour: the professional leadership provided by Dr Kristian Pedersen, lecturer at Edinburgh University, the vast open areas of land on which our predecessors lived, hunted and farmed and, perhaps most importantly, the current local landowners who have kindly given us their permission to carry out our investigations.  
It is also very likely that the early Medieval people who lived around here did so on sites that had been inhabited from much earlier times. We know with certainty from visible archaeological evidence that people have lived around Lowick since at least Iron Age times, that is, around 2,500 years ago and probably even earlier. Recent activities by the archaeology group have unearthed evidence of a Bronze Age community with one find of a flint blade that could possibly have been made by a neolithic farmer. This would suggest that people possibly farmed here almost 4,500 years ago, taking advantage of the fertile soil that the last ice age left behind.
The group has also found a number of 8000 year old flint blades just to the east of the village that had been made by nomadic hunter gatherers during the Mesolithic period.

Email:    lowickheritagegroup@gmail.com

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