About Archaeology at Hunting Hall Farm

Hunting Hall Farm lies about one mile north east of Lowick. The only superficial sign of prehistoric occupation is a double ring ditch alongside the River Low. Within the area bounded by the ditches it is possible, at certain times of year, to discern roughly circular patches of vegetation, growing differently to the rest of the grasses and roughly the diameter of Iron Age roundhouses, that is about seven or eight metres. Sufficient evidence to whet the appetite of our local amateur archaeology subgroup. A couple of early digs weren't very successful but with the striking exception of finding a Bronze Age axehead close to the farm. This led to a full geophysical survey of the area within and around the ring ditches conducted by volunteers trained by the Bernician Studies Group with quite staggering conclusions. The following pages go on to tell more of the story of our excavations at the farm in 2019 and 2021


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